Preparing your trip

Traveling to the United States from another country for medical treatment needs some previous preparation. PROMET can help you with the documents you will need for your first appointment.



What type of documents should I bring to the appointment?

• All records that your local doctor has given you.

• Current diagnosis.

• Any form you previously have been asked to bring.


It is suggested that you bring your documents translated by a certified translator recognized by the United States Embassy in your country. In addition, both documents and copies are recommended to be authenticated; this will avoid wasted time and extra expenses.



Medical documents

The following information is necessary for your first appointment; the lack of these reports may delay your treatment. In some cases, they may ask you to submit this information prior to your arrival at the institution and/or the doctor you choose.

Results required on your first appointment:


 • Laboratory testing

 • X-rays

 • MRI

 • CT scan

 • Biopsy Results

 • Ultrasound

 • Mammography

 • Diagnostic imaging results: bring the films and CD-ROMs

 • Others


Your privacy is utmost importance

PROMET will never have access to your medical history, insurance information, expenses, or treatments.

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