Frequently Asked Questions

Can PROMET help find doctors in the specialty I need?

PROMET offers you several options to choose from to meet your needs.



Would PROMET give me a treatment estimate?

The cost of appointments, doctors, treatments, fees and/or hospitals is directly between the patient and the different entities.



Can PROMET help me apply for a visa for medical needs?

The customer is responsible for obtaining all the documentation to travel abroad. If necessary,

the doctor and/or the hospital can provide a written confirmation of your appointments to assist in your process.



For how long should I assume that I will be on my appointment or treatment?

Each case is different and will depend on the examinations, diagnosis and required treatment.



Will foreign doctors communicate with doctors in my country?

Today, specialists in the United States have experience in collaborating with doctors around the world.

It is common for patients diagnosed in the United States to continue their treatment in their country.



Will PROMET inform me about costs and health insurance?

The doctor or hospital you request will inform you about the costs of your treatment.


It is important that you understand the terms and conditions of your health insurance; we recommend that you contact your insurance company prior to your visit and confirm your coverage and possible financial obligations.


Some hospitals and/or diagnostic centers have contracts with different international insurance companies to receive direct payments.



What should I do if I need an interpreter?

Most hospital institutions in the United States are world-renowned, and therefore offer free interpreters.



Do I need a referral from my country?

Medical referrals are not necessary to request an appointment at PROMET.

But if your family physician recommends a particular doctor or institution, PROMET will follow his indications.



How can I get a copy of my schedule?

PROMET will send you all the information about your appointment. And a copy of your schedule with

useful information so you can be prepared to get the maximum benefit from your appointment.



Will PROMET remind me of my appointment?

We will contact you by email to remind you of your appointment a week in advance.


PROMET does not refund if you cancel your appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment,

for a minimal fee we will make a new appointment, as long as it is within 30 days of cancellation date.


Our patient care coordinator will help you reschedule or cancel your appointment.

PROMET will not have access to confidential data of your medical history, nor to financial arrangements with the chosen institution. We value your privacy, so PROMET does not sell or share any information to other institutions or third parties.



How do I request an appointment with a doctor or a hospital?

Our team will help you get your application expedited, a process that can take between one day and one week;

this will depend on the availability of the chosen institution.


¿How do I create an account with PROMET?

The quickest and easiest way to create an account is through the following link:


Please fill out the electronic form and send it to

As soon as your request and confirmation of payment are received, one of our coordinators will confirm receipt and

the process will start.

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