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We offer suggestions and expedite appointments in the search for:







PROMET is a corporation registered in the State of Florida since 2004. We are the liaison between patients and the most recognized medical centers and specialists trained in the latest discoveries and therapies.


Our team is proud to offer a highly personalized service, formed by professionals whose mission is to guide the patient and their family through the process required for their appointments.

PROMET is the personalized connection for your appointments and hospitals.




 PROMET will help you obtain your medical appointment with the specialist or institution requested as soon as possible therefore expediting the process. We know how urgent it is for you to be assisted quickly and with confidence in the service PROMET offers. We work together with doctors, hospitals and medical centers to ensure an optimal service for our clients.



These are some of the reasons that make PROMET your best option:


 • PROMET was created with the concept that the patient is our priority.


• PROMET offers a solution to the patient in obtaining medical appointments quicker and more efficiently.


• PROMET solves the problem of endless hours of paperwork and telephone calls to get a medical appointment. With PROMET the process is reduced  thus ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction.



Our team has many years of experience and is specialized and dedicated to provide an exceptional service to our clients. We are familiar with the services and procedures that are conducted in hospitals, medical offices and diagnostic centers, and we are the experts at speeding up the process in making your appointments.


We provide support and understanding to our clients by offering a service in accordance with their special need and making sure that those who approach us feel understood and well taken care of.


We specialize in working with international patients. Our team is bilingual (Eng/Spa).

The services PROMET offers are based on:

• Programming your appointment and/or appointments within a short period of time.

• Customer service as our top priority.

• Communication.

• Quality.

• Experience.



PROMET has created a professional structure to perform mini rotations and elective observation programs for medical students and graduate physicians who want to upgrade in their specialty. During our years of service we have provided more than 6,000 mini rotations.


Since strict medical regulations in the United States only allow us to conduct observation rotations, our company has contacts in foreign hospitals where it is possible to perform rotations with patient management.



 • A conscientious medical education is the main focus of all our actions.


 • Honesty is  a fundamental basis of every relationship with all our clients.



 • Medical education for professionals and/or students.


 • Education and training for medical assistants.


 • Veterinary education.

Preparing your trip

Traveling to the United States from another country for medical treatment needs some previous preparation. PROMET can help you with the documents you will need for your first appointment.. (read more)

Preparing your appointment

Helpful advice for an appointment with the doctor:

 You will communicate more confidently if you prepare in advance. (read more)


You recently used PROMET services; we thank you for answering a short survey and sharing your comments. Your participation will help improve the quality of service provided to you, your family and friends. (read more)

Frequent questions

PROMET offers you several options to choose from to meet your needs.. (read more)


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 • Educación médica esmerada como eje principal de todas nuestras acciones.

• Honestidad como base fundamental de toda relación con nuestros clientes.



 • Educación médica a profesionales y/o estudiantes.

 • Educación y entrenamiento para asistentes médicos.

 • Educación Veterinaria.



We offer suggestions and expedite appointments in the search for: SPECIALISTS,HOSPITALS, DIAGNOSTIC CENTER, SECOND OPINION, MEDICAL CHECK-UP FOR EXECUTIVES.

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