Preparing your appointment

Preparing your appointment with the doctor and/or hospital.


Maximizing your visit to the doctor.


Helpful advice for an appointment with the doctor:


• You will communicate more confidently if you prepare in advance.


• Be organized to get the best out of your appointment, be concise and straightforward. Make a short list of concerns because if it is too long, it can make you forget the most relevant.


 • By clearly explaining the symptoms, you will help your doctor make the correct diagnosis and develop the best treatment plan for you. When you describe your symptoms, be specific with the details.


• It is important that you describe everything in your own words, do not try to use medical terms.


• Prepare a list of family members' medical history (grandparents, parents, siblings, and uncles).


• Avoid minimizing or exaggerating your symptoms, as this could make it difficult for the doctor to make the correct diagnosis.


• Classify your pain on a scale of 1 to 10. Do not forget to associate your symptoms and discomforts such as:

√ Stress

√ Exercise

√ Sleeping

√ Mood and emotional withdrawal

√ Locating pain in a specific part of the body

√ The severity of discomfort

√ The frequency of the symptoms and for how long you had them

√ If the symptoms are associated with a specific activity, injury, time of day, food, drinks, or any other specific information

√ If you are missing work days

√ Do not hesitate to talk about the symptoms even if they seem embarrassing or less urgent

√ Tell the doctor about new symptoms and improvements since the last visit.


• Have a list of the medicines you are taking, whether they are prescribed or not, the dose, the date you started taking them, and whether you have experienced any improvement or not. We recommend including the generic name or chemical composition of the drug since names change in different countries and laboratories. You should also include herbal medicines and /or vitamins, if you take them.


Have a list of the questions you want to ask the doctor.

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